Winter cocktail | Espresso Martini
Our favourite way to beat the winter blues? A good Espresso Martini! Legend has it that this cocktail was created during the 80’s in Soho, London. It’s a sophisticated yet rather dangerous drink. The coffee wakes you up, the vodka does quite the opposite. A shot of coffee liqueur adds a creamy sweetness to the mix and there you have it; your new favourite cocktail.

Right, on to the recipe. Restaurant and hotspot Fiko in Amsterdam not only serves great food, but they also know how to make an amazing Espresso Martini. Owner Sebastian shares how they mix this drink:


• 50 ml vodka
• 35 ml coffee liquor
• 1 shot (25 ml) of strong, good quality espresso
• Ice
• 5 coffee beans

How to make:

Make sure the glass is chilled. Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso in the cocktail shaker. Add ice. Shake really well (this creates that lush foamy top) and pour carefully into the glass. Garnish with the coffee beans. Cheers!