Publication date: 23-11-2023

Green Weekend- 24 t/m 27 november 2023 -

We clear out, you benefit in the shop!

During Green Weekend, we're bringing the gems out of the attic. That means you get 50% off Cavallaro items* from previous seasons. This is your chance to snap up your favorite garments at half price!

So we are not producing a special collection for this weekend, but giving unsold clothes another chance. That's how we'll fight waste together.

*Product is only available online from November 24 to 27, 2023

Cleaning out your closet saves money

Are you coming to our Green Weekend?

Then clean out your closet first. When you bring your old Cavallaro clothing to the store, you will receive 30% off one new item* from the FW23 Collection.

This is your perfect opportunity to put yourself in new clothes and let us recycle your turned-in garment. Clothing that would otherwise be thrown away, we give it a new purpose.

Green weekend runs through November 26, 2023.
Discount applicable to a maximum of one item from the FW23 collection.

*This promotion is only valid in our brand stores, outlet and webshop are excluded.

Why Cavallaro is a responsible choice:

  • Cavallaro Napoli uses high-quality materials. As a result, our garments last much longer.
  • Cavallaro Napoli does not chase fleeting trends. Quality never goes out of fashion: last year's clothes can also be worn today.
  • Cavallaro Napoli does not supply 'overstock'. No special collection is produced for special campaigns such as Green Weekend.
  • Cavallaro Napoli wants to reduce the clothing mountain: why throw away unworn clothes if we can find a new owner for them?

Why clothing serves a longer life:

  • In Europe alone, 5.8 million tons of clothing end up in the trash every year; that's 11.3 kg per person.
  • 15% of all clothing remains unsold and unworn.

Resources: McKinsey, 2020, European Commission Factsheet

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