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    Zeradino Jacket
  2. Zeradino Trousers
    Zeradino Trousers
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    Zengio Trousers
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    Tanisco Shirt

About this suit:

Discover the perfect balance between comfort and style with the Zeradino Suit. This suit, made from a high-quality bamboo blend with stretch, offers you the freedom of movement you need during your busy days. Whether you're at the office or have a special occasion, the Zeradino Suit effortlessly adapts. The regular fit and single-breasted design ensure a timeless look that can be sporty or business-like. Pair it with a shirt for a classic appearance or wear it with a pullover for a more casual look. The Zeradino jacket can be combined with two trousers; the Zeradino trousers for a sporty look and the Zengio trousers for a more formal look.

The Zeradino suit is available in three colors; navy, kit and green.

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Zeradino Suit

Zeradino Suit

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