Made to Measure

Made to Measure by Cavallaro Napoli is a special service that allows gentlemen and women to select their own tailor-made suit of premium Italian quality. Fare una bella figura – making a good impression – is what we stand for, and that’s exactly what happens when you wear one of our tailor-made suits. For either a wedding or business-occasions, with Made to Measure by Cavallaro Napoli you’ll always make a good impression.

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About made to measure


Craftsmanship and passion come together at Made to Measure by Cavallaro Napoli. During a personal appointment with one of our skilled tailors we not only take precise measurements, we take the time to get to know our customer and his wishes and expectations. At the same time the customer chooses his favourite fabric, design and fit. We offer more than 250 high quality fabrics. On top of that, a variety of personal touches such as contrast stitching, special buttons and embroidered initials in the jacket are optional. The result: a unique tailor-made suit of Italian quality that fits like a glove.

Cavallaro Napoli aims to bring Itian luxury and quality one step closer to everyone. The price of a tailor-made suit starts at 599. Prices are determined on the basis of fabric choice and personal wishes. A tailor-made suit is crafted especilly for your. Take in account a delivery estimate of 6 to 8 weeks.

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