Washing instructions- Enjoy your clothes longer - 

If you want to enjoy a garment for a long time, it is important to pay attention to the washing instructions.
Fabrics such as wool and silk are sensitive and you don't want to damage them. 
On every laundry label there are five symbols that tell you how to wash, dry and iron the garment. We are happy to explain what the symbols mean.

Washing Symbols

Hand wash

A washtub with a hand in it means that the garment is suitable for hand washing only.
The washtail without any further additions indicates that the fabric may be washed by hand as well as by washing machine.
When there is a cross through the wasil, it confesses that the garment may not be washed.
In that case you should look at the symbol for dry cleaning.

Washtub with Temperature

The wash symbols where it says 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 95 degrees Celsius indicate the temperature at which the garment can be washed.
The symbol with 1 dot indicates that you can wash the garment at 30 degrees. Each additional dot is 10 degrees warmer.

Washtub with stripes

A washtub symbol with 1 or 2 stripes under it means the following:
If there is one stripe under the washtub symbol then the garment should be washed carefully.
We recommend using an anti-crease program and not filling the washing machine completely. 
If there are two stripes below the washtub symbol, the garment should be washed carefully.
We recommend in this case to use a gentle washing program.

Washing symbol for bleaching

The triangle on the laundry label indicates whether or not the garment can be bleached.
If it is empty, you can treat the garment with bleach. 
If there are two parallel lines through the triangle, you should not bleach the garment with chlorine.
If there is a triangle with a cross through it, the garment should not be bleached at all.

Washing symbol for drying

A square symbol on the laundry label indicates how the garment should be dried.
If the circle in the square is empty, the garment can go into the clothes dryer. 
When the circle in the square has a dot, the garment can go into the dryer at a low temperature. 
When there are two dots in the circle of the square, the garment can be dried at a normal temperature. 
With three dots the garment may be dried on a hot drying program.

The filled circle indicates that the garment may go into the dryer, but without the use of heat.
Is there no circle in the square? Then the garment must be air dried.

This is what the drying symbols mean:
- A horizontal line means that the garment should be dried lying down.
- The semicircle symbolizes drying on the clothesline.
- A vertical line also means to use a clothesline or drying rack.
- Multiple vertical lines mean that the textile should be dried dripping wet.
- If there are two slanted lines in the left corner of the square, the fabric cannot stand the sun and must be dried in the shade.

Washing symbol for ironing

The iron symbol indicates whether or not a garment should be ironed.
The more dots there are in the symbol, the higher the temperature is allowed during ironing.
One dot for up to 110 degrees, two dots for 150 degrees and three dots for 220 degrees.
Often the dots are also indicated on the iron. If the iron is crossed out, the garment should not be ironed at all.
Is there a cross under the iron? Then turn off the steam function.

Washing symbol for dry cleaning

The circle on a laundry label indicates whether a garment may or must be dry cleaned.
If you see a round circle, the garment must be dry cleaned.
If the circle is crossed out, the garment should not be dry cleaned.
When there is a letter in the circle, it is mainly for dry cleaning.

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